How much does it cost and what do I get?

Every Amazing Neville Magic Show lasts around 1 hour long and costs just £125.

The show is very interactive with lots of opportunity for shouting out and telling The Amazing Neville where he’s going wrong…..or how he might be trying to cheat.

Everyone who is picked as a helper gets a certificate and sweets. You can see our fantastic certificates by clicking here.

One lucky helper – usually a birthday boy or girl – will be made a Wizard for the day and receive a certificate, sweets and their own pop-up wand. There is also an appearance from Frank The Mind Reading Rabbit and Tricksy the Trained Fox.

 At the end of the show sweets are produced for all the children courtesy of the birthday child’s BIG TRICK, making them the star.

Appearing Wands – Everyone can take a little bit of magic home with them with their own appearing wand, just £1 each. To see them in action just click here.

Certificates – All my helpers get a certificate. If you would like every child at the party to take on home this can be arranged for just 50p each. 

Please Note – Depending on your location there may be an additional cost for travel. This is only charged if your venue is 15 mile outside of the NE22 postcode and is charged at £0.30 per mile. Feel free to ask more about this when booking.

Where can the Amazing Neville Magic Show be performed?

The Amazing Neville Magic Show can be performed anywhere. From church halls to front rooms. Birthday parties to village fetes.

Coming with our own sound system and wireless radio microphones there is no venue too big or too small.

Do you have insurance?

As a member of Equity (the performer’s union) we have £10,000,000 (that’s not a typo!!!) public liability insurance.

Follow these links for more on Equity